Getting in shape day one

26 Aug

Hi y’all I’m back trying to get in shape!
I had a baby a year ago and I really need to lose this baby weight plus more.

My plan is to do p90x everyday and walk on the treadmill .. I really would like to lose 30lbs by thanksgiving .. Not sure if it will be possible but I’m going to go hard.

Since I’m still nursing I can’t really diet so I plan to eat really clean.

My stats
Height 5’5
Weight 170
Waist 32
Hips 40

Today we start with core



Day 2, Was ready to give up .. BUT I lost 4 lbs aready!!!!

14 Jun

So I woke up this morning saying to myself, I’m  not sure I can do another day of this lemonade diet, but before I decided i said let me weigh myself and i couldn’t believe it when i saw the scale but i went from 162 to 158 already now that crazy and definitely motivating me to push on.

As i type im drinking my flush and im sure ill be in the bathroom in a few .. let hope i can hang in there all day today .. we will see!!

BTW my cousin Rhonda is doing this with me … SO i got to say GO RHONDA WE CAN DO IT

Follow her at

Day 1 .. Lemonade diet .. and the count down begins

14 Jun

Ok so I woke up this morning and weighed myself and measure my waist. I weigh 162 and my waist is 38 .. ugh

Then i made the salt water flush for some reason i didnt realize that I had to drink 1 quart of the flush, I thought it was 1 cup .. ugh how the heck am I going to get 1 quart of this thing down .. i hardly drink 1 cup of juice in a sitting .. this is going to be hard for sure!!!

It literally took me a hour to drink the flush and within 30 mins my stomach started bubbling .. I was like “oh damn here it goes” with in a 45 min i was in the bathroom doing it up. Two hours later i was still going in and out the bathroom, it came to a point i felt like i was peeing out my butt ( i know TMI.. lol ) .. this is crazy!!!

A hour after the flush i start the lemonade and its actually not as bad as i thought it was going to be. I was good all day until about 5pm .. then things started going down hill .. i was dying to eat but i was fight it .. by 7pm i was angry at everyone i actually told my kids to stay away from me … lol.. and my hubby was get yelled at for everything

At 8pm i was like this is BS , im not doing this crap .. but i’m so lucky to have a supportive hubby cause he was like you can do it, just hang in there .. at 9pm i broke down and ate a half of cucumber and it tasted so good .. I told my hubby and kids that im eatting this to save your life …lol .. that how i felt at the time
at 10pm i passed out some what happy!!!

I really hope tomorrow is better!!!

Lemonade diet .. Let give it a try

12 Jun

WhatI will be living off of for the next 10 days!!

I know i havent been around since I stopped p90x, which im so mad about but hey can’t cry over spilled milk … Well im going away in 12 day and i have to wear a bathing suit so im determine to lose a few pounds before the trip so i can at least look decent in my bathing suit …  im going to to try one of the hardest diets out there …. The Lemonade Diet!!!
Every time i think about it i get scared … Lol but im determine to do it… Pray for me yall!!! I need it.

So tomorrow would be day 1 so ive been stuffing my face with all the things i know im not going to be able to have for the next 10 days … Even made me my fave dish for dinner … Curry shrimp, white rice( something i never eat) and salad with creamy italian dressy … Mmmmmm it was so good!

Today I

will drink my herbal diet tea before ben then start day 1 with the salt flush. im so scared!!! Lol

here’s the Diet Join me if you can … If not Please help me through this… comment, encourage me, do SOMETHING PLS!!!!

Lemonade Diet


This is the complete Lemonade Diet including
recipes. Proponents of the diet claim a person can lose anywhere from 10 to 20
pounds during the ten day diet period. Make sure you consult with your
doctor before starting the Lemonade Diet.

The instructions for the lemonade diet are as follows:


1. Drink about 100 ounces of the lemonade per day.


2. Drink the salt water flush in the morning as soon as you wake up and drink
the herbal laxative tea at night before bed.


3. You cannot eat anything while on the Lemonade Diet. You drink only the
lemonade, the saltwater flush, and the herbal tea.


4. The Lemonade Diet is a cleansing and elimination diet,
which claims to help rid the body of toxins along with helping you to lose
weight fast.

Lemonade Diet Lemonade Recipe:
2 oz. of fresh squeezed lemon juice (must be fresh squeezed)
2 oz. of
maple syrup (must be grade B, organic maple syrup)
1/4 of a teaspoon of
cayenne pepper
2 cups of water (spring water or purified water)
Mix all ingredients well.

This makes approximately 20 ounces of
lemonade, or two servings.
You will need to drink about 10 servings a day.
Salt Water Flush Recipe:
2 teaspoons salt
1 quart of water
Mix well. Allow at least 30 minutes after drinking before leaving the house.
You’ll need to be near the bathroom.



27 Apr

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YES!!!! im still here and I’m still losing weight .. Jeans pics

25 Feb

I had a bad week again cause i got some bad news and was really depress, I didnt work out much but I did eat very clean . I weight myself cause i was sure I gain weight but I didnt yay!!!! I actually lose im down to 155 .. offically lose 13 pounds and I know for sure i lost some inches as well cause……… I can button those jeans I been dying to fit in … lol

Here pics .. I dont quite fit them yet but I can button them so that some progress and that all im looking for … I’m determine to fit them in 30 more days


P90X Lean Day 37 ….. Plyometrics

15 Feb

I was only able to work out 3 times last week .. so even though im on day 46
officially .. im going to go back to day 37 … so i dont cheat myself … so
today i suppose to do cardioX but i switched out cardioX for Plyo , since it was
getting a little easy for me. Plyo is a little hard but i modify some things to
make easier.

I’m back in the game and ready… BRING IT!!!