P90X Lean Day32

15 Feb


Ok so you guys already know i hate yoga .. it just way to long and hard for
me but I did do it once. Well today i was determine to do it, but hubby was like
NO!!! I cant do it let do something else, so I told him fine as long as it not
strengthen (cause im still in pain from yesterday chest and tricep) Ill do
whatever .. so i go out the room to get dress and i hear toni, saying ” this is
the mother load of all workouts” so i look at my hubby and say what is this???
and hubby just looks at me and smile .. SO at the whole begining TOni is talk
and scaring the heck of me and he finally say plyometrics … and of course im
doing lean so I never did it before but I’m look ok , let do it .. about 15mins
into it I thought i was going to pass out .. and everytime TOni said something
about a damn Squat i got mad … I did alot of it but i cant honest said I didnt
do all of it full out and after a while anything that said squat i fast forward
.. lol .. but I did make it through… and now every part of my body hurting !!!

But I can honestly say between yesterday and today .. I really got a


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