P90X Lean Day 30 .. CardioX.. and measurements

1 Feb

Ok.. CardioX was good .. i was a little stiff from the day off and missing a day but i made it through .. i would never miss a day again especially right after my day off cause i feel the difference.

So i took my 30 day measurements and weight … annnnnndddd I finally lost weight I dont know if it cause i start to follow the p90X diet to the “T” or if it was just time for my body to let go of some weight but I lost 3 lbs from last week…. which makes me 158.. i still cant believe it and it so encouraging. I also lost a inch from almost every part of my body
Jan 1st…. Jan 30
Abdomen… 38….. 37
Hips…. 42….. 41.5
Thigh…. 26….. 25
Calf…. 15.5…. 15
Arm…. 12….. 12
Waist-Hip Ratio…. 0.92…. 0.8

Weight 165…… 158


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