P90X Lean Day32

15 Feb


Ok so you guys already know i hate yoga .. it just way to long and hard for
me but I did do it once. Well today i was determine to do it, but hubby was like
NO!!! I cant do it let do something else, so I told him fine as long as it not
strengthen (cause im still in pain from yesterday chest and tricep) Ill do
whatever .. so i go out the room to get dress and i hear toni, saying ” this is
the mother load of all workouts” so i look at my hubby and say what is this???
and hubby just looks at me and smile .. SO at the whole begining TOni is talk
and scaring the heck of me and he finally say plyometrics … and of course im
doing lean so I never did it before but I’m look ok , let do it .. about 15mins
into it I thought i was going to pass out .. and everytime TOni said something
about a damn Squat i got mad … I did alot of it but i cant honest said I didnt
do all of it full out and after a while anything that said squat i fast forward
.. lol .. but I did make it through… and now every part of my body hurting !!!

But I can honestly say between yesterday and today .. I really got a


P90X Lean Day 30 .. CardioX.. and measurements

1 Feb

Ok.. CardioX was good .. i was a little stiff from the day off and missing a day but i made it through .. i would never miss a day again especially right after my day off cause i feel the difference.

So i took my 30 day measurements and weight … annnnnndddd I finally lost weight I dont know if it cause i start to follow the p90X diet to the “T” or if it was just time for my body to let go of some weight but I lost 3 lbs from last week…. which makes me 158.. i still cant believe it and it so encouraging. I also lost a inch from almost every part of my body
Jan 1st…. Jan 30
Abdomen… 38….. 37
Hips…. 42….. 41.5
Thigh…. 26….. 25
Calf…. 15.5…. 15
Arm…. 12….. 12
Waist-Hip Ratio…. 0.92…. 0.8

Weight 165…… 158

P90X Lean Day# 29 .. this is the first day I missed officially

1 Feb

ugh im so bummed i miss today .. I may try yo make it up tomorrow but not to sure about that .. After stuffing my face with all that protein last week i finally saw a change on the scale .. so i guess the meal plan does make a different .. i lost 2 lbs finally out the 160’s at 159 … now to cont to move forward. .. Day # 30 on,,, im going to truely bring it!! got to lose this weight … i will post jeans pics and measurements and weight tomorrow

P90X Lean Day 26… and food pics .. need input pls

1 Feb

So I did Core Syn and but was it hard for me to get through it .. i ate right but i seem to less energy right now .. I dont know if it cause my body is not use to it but it was just so hard to get through the work out but i did it all …

Tomorrow is YogaX which everyone knowI hate… lol .. but Hopefully i make it through

THis is what i eat today .. it add up to about 1500 calories with 133g of carbs, 25g in fat and 192 in protein.. which is very close to my daily allowance on P90X

here what it look like …
PlS PLS PLS… give me input, what to know what i should do better

P90x lean day 25 was stretchX but I cant find that CD so i did CArdioX

1 Feb

THis one is getting easy for me which is a good thing ,,,, I really like this Cd its so my fave. .. Since CArdioX is tomorrow im going to do Core syn cause i didnt do it earlier in the week …

Today was my first day eatting 1500 calories with lots of protein … i was impress with myself… I took pics but I’m not going to be able to post it till tomorrow .. if anyone can look at it and tell me what you think i will greatly appreciate it..

lata guys be back tomorrow with pics and how my work out went.

P90xLean day 24 .. KenpoX .. rest week

24 Jan

So I upper my protein and calories intake and I’m hoping it makes a difference .. If i don’t eat alot one of the days I will do less excise cause some got to give.. I’m hope there a little of a difference this week we will see. I decided I’m going to eat the same thing every week .. expect for dinner, i think this will make it easier for me.

About to start kenpox in a few.. and I going to bring … be back in a few

BTW thanks to everyone that who help me with the eating situation

Talking about being tired .. i have no idea how i made it through KenpoX but i did .. i ate extreme good today but I actually feel more tired now then I normally do… weird got to get use to eat all that food.

tomorrow is stretch x

P90X lean DAY 22-2 … I’m really starting to get discourage .. like really..ugh!!

24 Jan

Ok so yesterday i did CardioX and rocked it out the box .. i mean did everything full out .. after that did measurements and weight.. and not one change .. my fats% is exactly the same and my weight is the same .. i’ve been killing myself excersing and eating right and i have hardly lost anything .. i even did my measurements and nothing .. this is really killing me .. i need to see somewhat of a change something .. like come on now .. ugh

I’m going to to cont. P90X but I’m not going to do all 45-60 anymore ,,, I’m going to do 20 min in the morning and 20-30 min in the evening … but I’m going to always do all my strength excise’s. I decided to do this cause it very hard for me to eat more then what I’m eating so instead of starving myself I’m going to burn less calories and day .. hopefully it makes a difference .. on the day i eat lots of calories i will excise more .. i just need to see a change this is really depressing me