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P90X test and measurements

4 Jan

Me and hubby decided this is the year to get fit and stay healthy .. we are not getting any younger and the time is now.

So I did all my mesurements and did my test and pass i barely made it but glad i did no to get down to business ..

here’s the results of my fit test

Prior to Day 01
1. Physical Condition

Pull-Ups                  0 Reps      FAIL
Vertical Reach        82.5″
Jump with Step      91.5″
Vertical Leap            9.0″          PASS
Push-Ups                19Rep        PASS
Toe Touch                 1″             PASS
Wall Squat              60Sec        PASS
In & Outs                25reps       PASS
Bicep Curls            30Reps
                                300Total    PASS

Cardiac Condition:
Resting Heart Rate 76Bpm
Heart Rate Maximizer: After 3 min 94Bpm

Here’s my measurements
Neck 13.5
Chest 37.5
Waist 38.5
Abdomen 34
Hips 43
Thigh 26
Calf 15.5
Arm 13

Let’s hope i make it through.. Wish me look . I also did my before pics as well… i will post them in a few days im so not feeling them but it part of the game… RT?? ,,, im determine to change how they look.

My goal is to post as many blogs, pictures, and video  to keep me motivated and keep track of my success. If i get a few followers hopefully they will keep me motivated as well

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