P90X Lean Day 21… Rest day .. But I had to do KenpoX.. NEED HELP WITH EATTING PLS

24 Jan

I woke up early this morning to do KenpoX … I was tired I mean really tired but I still made it through and after I felt so good .. I ate very well this morning too .. I’m doing so well with diet and excersicing I havent missed a work out at all .. even days when i cant excerise I make sure to excerise twice the follow day .. I’m really Bringing it… but im not losing any weigh, fat or inches and i think it cause im a little confused with eatting .. i dont know if I’m not eatting enough or at the right time .. it so crazy to me that im not losing weight or fat or inches .. i mean nothing … I am building strength and i have way more energy but as far as losing nothing at all …

THis is what my last 2 days of eatting was like

7am a banana … before i drop my kids to school

8am I work out

9am 3 egg white with green peppers, onion, tomato and cheese

11am 1 slice of turkey bacon, hand full of cashews

2pm 2 slice of turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, light Mayo, on one slice of wheat bread

5pm..6 small rolls of brown rice sushi ( shrimp, avocardo, seaweed)

8pm beef lentil soup.. with 2 snall dumpling in it

11pm 8 mini rice cakes
crystal light.. water.. tea

7am… banana
work out
9am.. 2 egg whites, pepper, onion, tamato, and cheese

11am.. fruit parafait … vanilla yogurt, strawberry, cantaloupe, a teaspoon of granola

2pm.. protein bar

5pm rice cakes
worked out
8pm curry shrimp with brown rice and salad

11 fruit bar

ok so what wrong with my diet.. I need help


DAy# 20…ugh

24 Jan

Ok so today was suppose to be Kenpo tonight, which is one of my faves. BUT ugh I wasnt able to do it cause hubby has a big meeting and I was wait on him and by the time he was done it was to late. SO Since tomorrow is my rest day I’m going to do it tomorrow instead. I’m going to do Kenpo in the morning and Cardio in the evening.

Till tomorrow .. I think I’m going to a video soon dont know when but i promise i will

DAY #19 Leg and Booty… lol.. & weekly jeans pic

20 Jan

Ok, so i determine to fit in these jeans i brought but never wore, and my goal is to fit them with no muffin top by the end of my 90 days .. so instead of post a weekly half naked pic ..lol I will post a weekly jeans pic..Let hope at the end of p90x i can fit into them …lol

Today is my hubby fave, I like this one too cause when im done I really feel it .. I hate it though cause my booty is normally on fire the next day, let see if it would be the same today

be back later

So I truely Brought it .. I did CardioX in the morning … then Leg and back plus ab ripper in the evening with my hubby , his back was hurt so he didnt do it all but I did everything plus I up my rep. When I did ab ripper i did 17 of everything.. When I was done i burn at least 1200 for the hold day with p90x plus i ate really well.. I was really proud of myself

Tomorrow is KenpoX .. Love it!!

DAY #18 YogaX … Finally ugh!!

18 Jan



I finally finally made it through yogaX.. .I’m going to be honest I did have to fast forward through some of it but I did over a hour of it .. and I’m so proud of myself cause I was able to do more then half the moves. Believe it or not i kind of enjoyed it .. One thing i do want to do next time is do it when my kids go to sleep cause i couldnt focus as much as i wanted to cause they kept calling me or fighting, which was driving me crazy. .. I actually cant wait to do it again cause I want to see how well i will do.  Hubby did it with me and he did really well too.

Earlier in the day I did CardioX and Loved it .. I really enjoyed both of my workout today .. Tomorrow im going to do CardioX in the morning again then Legs and back in the evening with hubby.

I ate really well today too .. I really really hope I lose at least 2 pound this week or at least some fat.

see you tomorrow

Day #17 Shoulder and arms ab ripper

17 Jan

Didnt get to make up Cardiox today but I will do it first thing in the morning. My kids will be back in school finally, so I will be back on schedule. Shoulder and arms work out was  really good, my reps and form was really good too .. I thought i was going to be able to bump it up to the blue band but i was quite ready for it so i stuck with the red bands for most of the work out. Some of the excerises I was able to bump up to blue but not many.  Ab Ripper was a kill for me but i did a good amount. I kept track of it this time and was able to do 15-20 of each one . Some of the ones towards the end was very bad form but most of them where really good.

Tomorrow is YogaX … ugh ugh ugh…. As yall already know I hate YogaX but I’m deteremine to at least trying it again .. wish me luck

Day#16 bad day!!!

17 Jan

My kids had a really busy schedule yesterday and i couldnt fit in p90 for nothing … i did have some time in the morning and if i knew, the day was going to turn out the way it did I would have made sure to do it in the morning . … So for now on ,,, I’m going to make sure I do P90x as soon as i wake up in the morning…

I think im going to make it up when i get off work today then do the other one in the evening .. I missed CardioX… and i can do CardioX and Shoulder and arms with no problem.

Starting today I’m going to follow the p90 meal plan to the Tee to see if it will make a difference in my weight lost.

Ill be later to let you know how the day goes

Hope everyone is losing weight and getting there work out on

Day 15 Core Syn. Weigh in .. Depressed

15 Jan

So core syn was a really good work out for me this morning. I burned 558 calories and i went hard ,.. Hubby didnt even do it with me talking about he to tired. i did everything but the dreya roll again and i felt good. After the work out I weighed my self and I lost just one pound and my fat % is the same, I’m so upset about this cause Ive been going so hard and eat so well and i feel I should have lost more then that. I’m going to eat better next week and stick with the p90x plan and see if there a differentce cause Im determine to lose some weight.
here’s my measurements

Date 1/1/2011
weight 165
fat% 38.4

Date 1/18/2011
weight 162
Fat% 36.7%

Date 1/15/2011
weight 161.4
fat% 36.7%