P90X Lean Day 26… and food pics .. need input pls

1 Feb

So I did Core Syn and but was it hard for me to get through it .. i ate right but i seem to less energy right now .. I dont know if it cause my body is not use to it but it was just so hard to get through the work out but i did it all …

Tomorrow is YogaX which everyone knowI hate… lol .. but Hopefully i make it through

THis is what i eat today .. it add up to about 1500 calories with 133g of carbs, 25g in fat and 192 in protein.. which is very close to my daily allowance on P90X

here what it look like …
PlS PLS PLS… give me input, what to know what i should do better


One Response to “P90X Lean Day 26… and food pics .. need input pls”

  1. Liz February 1, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    Hey Girl,

    You are doing great…you and I both have a hard time keeping this weight down. I am currently doing weightwatchers and working out everyday(but not with p90x) this food looks like a chef made it U GO GIRL! But that whey protein has alot of calories Jillian has one that has only 100 calories you should be able to find in walmart. Other than that u look great keep up the good work!

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