P90X lean DAY 22-2 … I’m really starting to get discourage .. like really..ugh!!

24 Jan

Ok so yesterday i did CardioX and rocked it out the box .. i mean did everything full out .. after that did measurements and weight.. and not one change .. my fats% is exactly the same and my weight is the same .. i’ve been killing myself excersing and eating right and i have hardly lost anything .. i even did my measurements and nothing .. this is really killing me .. i need to see somewhat of a change something .. like come on now .. ugh

I’m going to to cont. P90X but I’m not going to do all 45-60 anymore ,,, I’m going to do 20 min in the morning and 20-30 min in the evening … but I’m going to always do all my strength excise’s. I decided to do this cause it very hard for me to eat more then what I’m eating so instead of starving myself I’m going to burn less calories and day .. hopefully it makes a difference .. on the day i eat lots of calories i will excise more .. i just need to see a change this is really depressing me


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