P90X Lean Day 21… Rest day .. But I had to do KenpoX.. NEED HELP WITH EATTING PLS

24 Jan

I woke up early this morning to do KenpoX … I was tired I mean really tired but I still made it through and after I felt so good .. I ate very well this morning too .. I’m doing so well with diet and excersicing I havent missed a work out at all .. even days when i cant excerise I make sure to excerise twice the follow day .. I’m really Bringing it… but im not losing any weigh, fat or inches and i think it cause im a little confused with eatting .. i dont know if I’m not eatting enough or at the right time .. it so crazy to me that im not losing weight or fat or inches .. i mean nothing … I am building strength and i have way more energy but as far as losing nothing at all …

THis is what my last 2 days of eatting was like

7am a banana … before i drop my kids to school

8am I work out

9am 3 egg white with green peppers, onion, tomato and cheese

11am 1 slice of turkey bacon, hand full of cashews

2pm 2 slice of turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, light Mayo, on one slice of wheat bread

5pm..6 small rolls of brown rice sushi ( shrimp, avocardo, seaweed)

8pm beef lentil soup.. with 2 snall dumpling in it

11pm 8 mini rice cakes
crystal light.. water.. tea

7am… banana
work out
9am.. 2 egg whites, pepper, onion, tamato, and cheese

11am.. fruit parafait … vanilla yogurt, strawberry, cantaloupe, a teaspoon of granola

2pm.. protein bar

5pm rice cakes
worked out
8pm curry shrimp with brown rice and salad

11 fruit bar

ok so what wrong with my diet.. I need help


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