DAY #19 Leg and Booty… lol.. & weekly jeans pic

20 Jan

Ok, so i determine to fit in these jeans i brought but never wore, and my goal is to fit them with no muffin top by the end of my 90 days .. so instead of post a weekly half naked pic I will post a weekly jeans pic..Let hope at the end of p90x i can fit into them …lol

Today is my hubby fave, I like this one too cause when im done I really feel it .. I hate it though cause my booty is normally on fire the next day, let see if it would be the same today

be back later

So I truely Brought it .. I did CardioX in the morning … then Leg and back plus ab ripper in the evening with my hubby , his back was hurt so he didnt do it all but I did everything plus I up my rep. When I did ab ripper i did 17 of everything.. When I was done i burn at least 1200 for the hold day with p90x plus i ate really well.. I was really proud of myself

Tomorrow is KenpoX .. Love it!!


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