DAY #18 YogaX … Finally ugh!!

18 Jan



I finally finally made it through yogaX.. .I’m going to be honest I did have to fast forward through some of it but I did over a hour of it .. and I’m so proud of myself cause I was able to do more then half the moves. Believe it or not i kind of enjoyed it .. One thing i do want to do next time is do it when my kids go to sleep cause i couldnt focus as much as i wanted to cause they kept calling me or fighting, which was driving me crazy. .. I actually cant wait to do it again cause I want to see how well i will do.  Hubby did it with me and he did really well too.

Earlier in the day I did CardioX and Loved it .. I really enjoyed both of my workout today .. Tomorrow im going to do CardioX in the morning again then Legs and back in the evening with hubby.

I ate really well today too .. I really really hope I lose at least 2 pound this week or at least some fat.

see you tomorrow


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