Day #17 Shoulder and arms ab ripper

17 Jan

Didnt get to make up Cardiox today but I will do it first thing in the morning. My kids will be back in school finally, so I will be back on schedule. Shoulder and arms work out was  really good, my reps and form was really good too .. I thought i was going to be able to bump it up to the blue band but i was quite ready for it so i stuck with the red bands for most of the work out. Some of the excerises I was able to bump up to blue but not many.  Ab Ripper was a kill for me but i did a good amount. I kept track of it this time and was able to do 15-20 of each one . Some of the ones towards the end was very bad form but most of them where really good.

Tomorrow is YogaX … ugh ugh ugh…. As yall already know I hate YogaX but I’m deteremine to at least trying it again .. wish me luck


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