Day 15 Core Syn. Weigh in .. Depressed

15 Jan

So core syn was a really good work out for me this morning. I burned 558 calories and i went hard ,.. Hubby didnt even do it with me talking about he to tired. i did everything but the dreya roll again and i felt good. After the work out I weighed my self and I lost just one pound and my fat % is the same, I’m so upset about this cause Ive been going so hard and eat so well and i feel I should have lost more then that. I’m going to eat better next week and stick with the p90x plan and see if there a differentce cause Im determine to lose some weight.
here’s my measurements

Date 1/1/2011
weight 165
fat% 38.4

Date 1/18/2011
weight 162
Fat% 36.7%

Date 1/15/2011
weight 161.4
fat% 36.7%


One Response to “Day 15 Core Syn. Weigh in .. Depressed”

  1. operationfit January 15, 2011 at 1:32 pm #

    Keep at it!! Don’t get crazy about weighing and measuring yourself, your body will fluctuate week to week – you’re looking for long term change.

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