DAY #12 Should back and ab ripper .. Brought it!!!

13 Jan

getting my legs and back on!!!

Today work out was awsome, I was able to do 20-25 reps for each excerise in good form… i also bumped my bands to Red and blue .. i really need to look up the weight for my bands cause I truely dont know what they are..

My Legs and and booty is on fire…I mean really on fire … I think toni was being nice calling it “BACK” he really meant BOOTY… lol .. I love when i feel pain the next day cause it makes me feel like i truely did something the night before…

After legs and back is ab ripper 339 … YES i had to mention the number because i didnt do anything close to that …lol.. so if you notice last week i didnt do it .. but this week i decided i have to do it .. well put it this way i have no core musle at all and i was dying while do these moves and if i had to count how many i did i would say 200 and even with thee little i did do my abs are killing me … im going to make sure i do ab ripper everytime i have to do it for now on, cause i really need to strengthen those abs muscles … I cant believe week 2 is almost over , I can honestly say im enjoying myself and  look forward to working out everyday. I’m surprise about this because i always hated working out. I cant wait to see results.

Today is KenpoX one of my fave to do.


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