Day #10 shoulder and back … was good !!!

11 Jan

I didnt change bands today even though i probably could of, im still using red, but I did do more reps and my form was really good today. For some reason after doing back and arm i never really feel anything. I keep thinking im not doing something right, but i always make sure im doing it exactly the way they’re doing it.
Next week i’m going to change my bands to blue and see if there’s a differents. … I also eat really well today other then a chocolate chip cookie I ate and after I ate it, i felt so guilty…

SoI live in Ga and if you watched the news you would know we are iced in and we are not suppose to drive unless you really have too .. Me and hubby tried to go to walmart and couldnt make it .. we have 3 big hill in our subdivision and my truck could not make it up the hill… So we decided to make the best of the day and make a sled. Then we all decided to slide down the hill in our back yard .. Now that was a work out. I was exshausted when we came in.

Here’s a little video of my fat butt sliding down the hill dont laugh .. lol

ill add it when i figure out how


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