DAY # 5 legs and Back .. wasnt bad at all

6 Jan
Can you tell im bringing it!!! …lol

Day 5 wasnt bad at all .. I actually really liked it .. Now my booty and my legs are on fire … but hey no pain no gain …

I had to change my bands in the middle because the blue band by itself wasnt doing anything for me at all, so i bumped it up to blue and yellow.. Next week  I think i will use blue and red, but now that i think about it i may stick with blue and yellow and work on form and reps.
I was able to do between 15-20 reps for each one. I do want to be able to do 20-25 reps for each.
Today is KenpoX which im excited about,  the little i did during CardioX i really liked. It seems like alot of cardio so i got to make sure to eat right today so i wont crash as Toni would say …lol.. I realize when i eat something sweet or diet soda i tend to have more energy to work out .. i know thats not good… but hey something u got to do what u got to do to get through it … i guess once my body start getting use to working out everyday i will stop doing that.
Starting today im going to start taking pictures of my breakfast, lunch and dinner, so i can remember what i ate and see my portion size…. hopefully this well help me some, since i dont want to kill myself with dieting. I just want to make healthy choice and eat good portions.
Day #6 here i come then i have a day off … cant wait!!!

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