Day# 4 YogaX… SUCKS!!!!!

4 Jan

Ok.. SO i started my blog today but i wrote a quick walk through of what my first few day was so far.

Today is Day #4 YogaX which im so dreading cause I hate Hate Hate Yoga.. but Im hoping it not as bad as i think it going to be .. As hubby will say stop being negative and be postivie so that what im going to do.

I started off my day with coffee ( starbucks carmel macchiato with non fat milk)  and 2 eggs whites i evern worked out for 30 min this morning( 30 min of cardiox) … then i had a small side salad with dressing and water. …. Im going to do dance central on kinect for 20 min in a few and then when hubby come home i will do YogaX… Can you tell im determine to lose this weight….lol

I was going to follow the P90x diet, but it just a little to tough for me so im just going to watch what i eat and count calories … My goal is to stay under 1500 and eat mostly protein ..

Ill be back to let you know how yogax went … wish me luck

lata for now

SO i started yoga and was hurting from the begining .. ugh i so hated it .. 25 min into it i just couldnt take it anymore and changed it to cardiox … I know I know , so not good but i just couldnt get through it .. i did finish cardio x and im still proud of myself for even trying .. hopefully next week i get through it

now for even more depressing news… I finally did my body fat % and ugh i just cant believe it but my body fat % is 38.4 %.. that is so depressing … im so determine to change that number.

tomorrow is legs and back i actually cant wait

duces!!! hitting the sac

oh btw i ate really well today .. no junk at all and lots of protein


2 Responses to “Day# 4 YogaX… SUCKS!!!!!”

  1. bronc787 January 5, 2011 at 11:59 pm #

    Well…I found the answer to my question. You hated yoga…lol. Next week I want you to skip to the last vinayasa…I believe it’s around the 43 minutes mark. Give the second half of the routine a shot. It starts with a post called “Tree”. During my first 2 rounds of P90X I was often short on time so I would do the last half. They are mainly balance poses and there is a section called “Yoga Belly X”.

    Hope you enjoyed Legs & Back tonight! Tomorrow is KenpoX which is my favorite!

    Bring it!

    • imanip90x January 6, 2011 at 9:11 am #

      I’m going to try that for sure next week, I might even try it one morning instead of cardiox just to try it out. I think kenpox is going to be fun as well cant wait to try it today….

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