Day #3 shoulder and arms.. sounds scary!!

4 Jan

Funny thing is when i saw that today was shoulder and arm .. i was so scared cause im already in pain and the one thing that wasnt hurting me that much was my arms … I hardly  have any strength in them as it is .. ( hit hit I cant do not even one full out push up ) so i just felt i was going to fail.

BUT I didnt do to bad at all.. I made it through and i used bands instead of weights … the only issue i have is that sometime the bands seemed a little to easy .. im going to have to figure out something with that … surprisely my arms not hurt much, but that makes a little sad cause i feel like maybe i didnt BRING IT!!! the way i was suppose to… next week im going to make sure I BRING IT!!!

Tomorrow is YogaX which im so dreading cause i hate yoga ..ugh let see how it works out.


One Response to “Day #3 shoulder and arms.. sounds scary!!”

  1. vashbluesummers January 5, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    We are doing this today…it should be fantastic. I’m not sure how much of a reader you are, but I’ve been using The 4-Hour Body as a reference while doing P90X. It has some really cool information about pretty much everything pertaining to the body. Check it out:

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