DAY #1 Core Synergistics.. Jan 1st

4 Jan

I really hated it!!!  .. I was super tired and wanted to past out …. lol .. I guess that how everyone feel the first time they do it … especially if they’re out of shape… which i am .. and to think hubby was going to be way better then me .. NOT!!!  …lol ..but nothing worth it,  is going to be easy, right??? it was a challenge but we made it through and that what count.

Some of the moves are crazy, I couldnt ever figure it out .. I was like ” Toni are you serious”  Like what is up with the plank to chaturunga… I know thats not spelled right but if u are doing P90 u know what i mean ,, ugh i tried one and was like nope not today … lol …I do hope i can do one in a few weeks though … lol

Well thats the story of day 1… tomorrow is CardioX .. let hope i do better .. lol


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